☀️ Domani

Domani makes it as easy as possible to host a website using your own domain name. No account is needed, just two simple steps and you're done!

Get Started

Input your domain name below to set it up, or to reconfigure a domain that you have already set up.


How It Works

You will direct Domani to serve files from some external backend, for example, a git repository. Domani will handle all the details of generating TLS certificates, fetching the files, and serving traffic to your website.

To change the content of your website, just change the files in your configured backend. The changes will be reflected on your website after a short refresh period.

Gemini Support

Gemini is a new protocol with a focus on content, simplicity, and user-centrism.

Domani supports both normal websites and Gemini capsules, and will serve the same domain on both protocols at the same time. Getting started with Gemini is as simple as creating an index.gmi gemtext file in your backend, and visiting your domain in a Gemini client.


Domani is an open-source project designed to be hosted by individuals for their community of friends and family. By making it super easy to set up a domain, we can help our non-technical folk own their own slice of the internet, the way it was always intended.